Memphis in May – bring your allergy medicine!

pollenMemphis, Tennessee… known for drawing in big crowds in the month of May for music and food.  Sitting on the banks of the Mississippi River, the downtown area is home to old and new. The Orpheum theater, and new high rise buildings.  It’s a city of contrasts.  It’s a city of churches of all kinds, for all kinds of people.  People here are not ashamed of their faith.  You can hear “God Bless You” and “Have a Blessed Day” from the cashier at the grocery store.  Spring is mild and warm, with everything from azaleas and dogwoods to wisteria in bloom.  Spring also brings allergies!  To demonstrate how MUCH pollen is around, I wrote the word POLLEN on my outdoor table!  Here’s another shot of my handprint (in the pollen) on the BBQ:

pollen 3They say there are more musicians (retired, working, consulting) in the city of Memphis than you could officially count, and there’s always live music of some sort available in or around the city.  Check out the schedule for “Memphis in May” from May 3 to 5 to see the kind of music that Memphis attracts!

I guess it goes without saying that the BBQ is abundant, relatively inexpensive, and competitive here.  One of my favorites is the Commissary.  Looks like a shack but the food is amazing and affordable!  Check out some of our beautiful churches while you are in the area, too:


Bring your family, bring your BBQ, bring your CAMERA, bring your faith, bring your sense of adventure.  Spring is stunning in Memphis.  and hey!  Don’t forget to bring your allergy medication!

until next week,